Chassis refers to a combination of four parts: the drive train, the drive train, the steering train, and the brake train. It supports and installs the car engine and its components and assemblies to form the overall shape of the car. .


Hydraulic Mount

Foot rubber (suspension assembly) is an elastic component that connects the power assembly and the chassis, and plays a supporting role in the automotive power assembly. The role of the powertrain suspension with excellent vibration isolation performance is one of the most important links to improve the ride comfort and overall quality of the car. Generally divided into rubber suspension, hydraulic suspension, air suspension, of which hydraulic suspension can be divided into conventional hydraulic suspension (passive), semi-active hydraulic suspension and active hydraulic suspension. Due to the introduction of the liquid damping device, the hydraulic suspension has the characteristics of low frequency and high damping, high frequency and low stiffness, and has good shock absorption and vibration isolation effects.